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supprise!! real time feedback


스팸으로 의심되는 글을 메인페이지에서만 제거하고 완전히 삭제하지는 않는다는 군요..보고 싶으면 즐겨찾기에 추가해 놓거나,작성자 페이지로 이동하면 볼 수 있답니다...ㅎㅎ

사요나라 운영진의 실시간 답변에 놀랐습니다..

thanks, sayonala team...I am supprised,realtime feedback!!!

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Re: supprise!! real time feedback


No, I'm not a stuff, but just a fun of this service. I'm a Japanese, and I really appreciate this place because it gives me an opportunity to communicate with foreign users, like this conversation. For this year I'm planning to study Korean. Sorry for my poor English, and thank you for your reply!

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