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Re: Oh..I am sorry


I'm not sure why you think I'm a stuff. Anyway, enjoy

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Re: supprise!! real time feedback


No, I'm not a stuff, but just a fun of this service. I'm a Japanese, and I really appreciate this place because it gives me an opportunity to communicate with foreign users, like this conversation. For this year I'm planning to study Korean. Sorry for my poor English, and thank you for your reply!

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Re: 사진 14장 삭제


Thank you for reply! Maybe they are not deleted but just hidden from the top page. Actually some spam-like entries disappeared from the Japanese top page a few days ago, but they were not deleted. If you wish to trace some specific bloggers' entries, I recommend you to use "add to favorite". Even if the entries are hidden from the top page, you can read them from your favorite page.

I think the company needs to be balanced between security and freedom.

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Re: test2


말그대로...극대화된 익명성에 초점을 맞춰야 겠지!!

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Re: test2


한국사람들 많이 오면 사요나라에선 좋아할까 싫어할까....궁금 궁금....근데 일기로 써도 누가 누군지 몰라서 괜찮지 않을까요? 이런데서 누가 누군지 알아낸다면...정말 후덜덜... 남한테 보이면 부끄러운 내용이라 올리지 못할 수도 있긴 하겠지만....

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